Welcome To CLC

We are a new global network for freight forwarders and shipping logistics providers, and are glad to invite you to join our new exclusive network. We will provide exceptional service to enable you to make good connections to good quality business partners wherever you need around the world. We have career-long background expertise at executive levels behind us in order to facilitate this for you efficiently.

We are specifically geared to serve small and medium sized companies. We are focused on Europe primarily. We recognize that European companies have ever-increasing needs to establish strong, effective shipping links to and from countries in other continents. We want to help you to forge these links. To find out how we do this, click here here.

We do have due-diligence procedure in order to ensure that only quality freight forwarders are part of CLC family. In the long run we have plans to provide professionally underwritten payment insurance to all the member companies.

On the basis of our due diligence process, our aim is to build full confidence in you that members you find in our exclusive network are good, sound companies whom you can rely on and confidently do business with.

We look forward to helping you with our exceptional level of service.